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第三十天:To rise early  论早起 

I do not know the reason why some people want to get up late. They will never have the opportunity to enjoy (of enjoying) the fresh air and calmness of the morning. This is indeed a quite regrettable thing. 

To rise early is a good habit (which) we should cultivate. Why? Because the best time when we can pursue our studies is in the morning. In addition, early rising is also good to our health. I hope that everybody our knows the reason why we must rise early. 

我不知道某些人要晚起的理由。他们永不会有机会来享受早晨的新鲜空气和宁静。这真是一件 发令人遗憾的事情。 


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第三十一天:Thrift  节俭 

There is not a (no) thrifty man but becomes a rich man sooner or later. Why? Because he will not spend such money as is unnecessary. Little by little his money will accumulate. Ten to one, he is bound to make a fortune. 

I do not like such men as spend their money in a wrong way. They do not know extravagance is a bad thing. It can only make them happy for the time being. In short, thrift makes poor men rich and extravagance makes rich men poor. 



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第三十二天:Perseverance  毅力/坚忍 

Needless to say, nothing but perseverance can lead a man to the way of success. In other words, a persevering man never does his work without succeeding in it. This is indeed unchangeable truth. 

Our National Father, Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, is the most ideal example. He was devoted to the revolution about forty years. He met with many failures, but he was anything but discouraged. As a result, he won. The Republic of China was born. 



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第三十三天:My mother  我母亲 

My mother is a woman of the old school. She is too conservative to keep up with the times. However, she is good-natured and treats others incerely. For this reason, all her neighbors are only too glad (pleased) to make friends with her. They consider her a model woman. 

She is a typical housewife. She keeps the (her) house neat and clean and looks after us with extreme care . She often says to us, "You cannot study too ard." 



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第三十四天:Where there is a will, there is a way  有志者事竟成 

The secret of success (The key to success) is not so much money as a strong will. A great man is one who has a strong will and an indomitable spirit. In other words, if a man does not have a strong will to win (get) the final victory, he will never succeed in his life. He is no more than a failure. 

It is quite obvious that there is no difficult thing (nothing difficult) in the world. if you make up your mind to do it, you will certainly accomplish your end. That stands to reason. 

成功的要诀不是金钱而是一个坚强的意志(用not so mush... as)。一个大人物是一个具有坚强意志和不屈不挠精神的人。换句话说,如果一个人没有坚强意志去获得最后胜利的人,他终其一生永远不会成功。他只不过是(用no more than)一个失败者。 


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第三十五天:Duties of a student  学生的责任 

Education is the very thing that we want to receive. Our parents send us to school so as to enable us to get (obtain) knowledge and achieve great things in the future. The following are the duties of a student (which) we should keep in mind. 

In the first place, we should be filial to our parents and respectful to our teacher. 

In the second place, we have to (must )study as hard as we can. 

In the third place, we must not tell lies. 

Last of all, we must not criticize others. 

To sum up, the above-mentioned rules are the very duties of a student. 







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第三十六天:To be patient 要忍耐 

When someone disagrees with you or offends you, don't lose your temper. Why? Because it is of no use to do so. You ought to (should) be patient and keep calm lest you should quarrel with him. You must know that patience is not cowardice, but a virtue. I hope that everybody practices it. 

In addition, patience will also bring us success. When you meet with difficulties in your work, it is no use losing heart. You must keep on fighting until (till) the final victory belongs to you. 

当有人和你意见不同或开罪你的时候,你切不可发脾气。为什么?因为这样做是无用的(用of no use)。你应当忍耐并且保持冷静,唯恐和他争吵。你必须知道忍耐不是弱而是一种美德。我希望人人都实行它。 


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第三十七天:Sanitary ways in summer 夏天的卫生方法 

Not only is summer a hot season but also diseases are apt to happen. To us it is neither comfortable nor safe. 

If we do not wish to get sick, we must pay attention to the following sanitary ways in summer. 

Both fresh air and clean food are indispensable to us. 

We must try our best to get (obtain) them. 

We should take at least one bath every day. 

Don't wear dirty clothes. 

In conclusion, if we can carry out the above – mentioned rules, we will neither get (take/fall) sick nor suffer pain. 






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第三十八天:Work while you work, play while you play 工作时工作,游玩时游玩 

Both work and play are necessary to us; the former gives us knowledge while the latter (gives) rest. An English proverb is well said: "Work while you work play while you play." It makes our life pleasant, efficient and successful. 

Work is one thing and play is another. It is of course not good to work all day long. However, it is also not good to play all day long. While you work, you should work in earnest. Then while you play, you will feel more relaxed and pleasant. That goes without saying. 



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第三十九天:My favorite pastime 我心爱的消遣 

It goes without saying that work without rest will do harm to health. In other words, we had better take sufficient recreation to relax after work. 

There is no doubt that there are a number of amusements, such as playing ball games, collecting stamps, fishing, gardening, skating and so on. 

As for (to) me, I take great delight in gardening. Whenever I am at leisure, I am accustomed to growing flowers. I regard them as my most agreeable companion. 




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