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第二十天:My school life  我的学校生活 

When I was six years old, I began to go to school. The first school (which) I attended was a primary school. There were many subjects (which were taught in the school, such as Chinese, arithmetic, history, geography, drawing and so forth. Since I was (became) a student, I studied very hard. My parents were quite proud of me. 

After I had studied there for three years, I entered a junior high school. When I was twelve years old, I became a student of a senior high school. I still studied very hard. Except on sick leave I was never absent from class. Everybody looked upon me as a model student. 



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第二十一天:War 战争 

Though the people in the world are all opposed to war, they can by no means avoid it. This is indeed a regrettable thing. 

War is very terrible. Everybody hears it with fear. In a war thousands and thousands of lives will be lost and a large amount of money (will be) wasted. It brings us untold miseries and damage. 

To sum up, so long as war is unavoidable, human beings cannot enjoy lasting peace. How tragical their fate is! 




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第二十二天:Cood health  良好的健康 

We all wish (hope) to be happy, so we should take good care of our health. 

Health is the best treasure (which) a man can possess. Money can do many things, but it cannot buy happiness. However, so long as man has good health, he can enjoy the pleasures of human life. 

In order to insure good health we must pay attention to three things. They are-nourishing food, fresh air and proper exercise. 




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第二十三天:Money 钱 

Everybody wishes (hopes) to get money so that he can maintain his livelihood. In other words, money is so useful that it is impossible for mankind to live without it. For this reason, we have an interesting proverb. It says "Money can make the world go around." In a word, money is more powerful than anything else. 

However, money should not be wasted. It must be used for (some) proper purposes. We young men should form the good habit of not spending money in the wrong way. 



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第二十四天:The chinese new year  中国新年 

I like the Chinese new year better than any other festival. This is a time especially for rest and joy. I need not study. I wear good clothes and eat good food. I have a good time from morning till night. To be frank with you, I am as happy as a king. 

The Chinese new year lasts as long as fifteen days. It gives us more pleasure than we have imagined. After that we have to(比用must来得好)resume our normal work. 



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第二十五天:The zoo 动物园 

The zoo is the most interesting place that I have ever seen in my whole life. It is like a garden which shows (exhibits) various kinds of animals, birds and insects. 

It is indeed a good idea to pay a visit to the zoo during school holidays. The more you look at the animals, the happier you will become. Of (Among) all the animals, the monkey is (monkeys are) the funniest. That's my opinion. Do you agree. 



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第二十六天:How i spent my summer vacation  我如何度过暑假 

No sooner had the summer vacation begun than I returned to my native town. Of course I must make good use of it; otherwise I would incur the displeasure of my parents. 

In the morning I reviewed my lessons and read newspapers or magazines. In the afternoon I played ball games with my friends or went fishing in the river. At night (In the night) I watched television with my family (the members of my family). hardly had the clock on the wall struck ten when I went to bed. 



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第二十七天:Knowledge is power  知识就是力量 

If we have no knowledge, we cannot succeed in doing any work. Why? Because knowledge is power. With knowledge we have conquered nature and invented steamers, trains and airplanes. We can send messages by telegram. We can talk with our friends by telephone. 

As is well known, we students are the future masters of the nation. She (It) needs us very much. If we do not make efforts to acquire knowledge, how can we render service to her (it)? 



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第二十八天:A letter to a friend  一封给友人的信 

Dear X: 

We have not seen each other for a long time. I miss (think of) you very much. I wish (that) I had wings and could fly to your home. However, this is impossible! 

Father (My father) has gone abroad of late. If I had had time then, I would have accompanied him. Only Mother (my mother) and I are at home now (at present). We are leading (living) a quiet and happy life. We look as if we were fairies. I hope (that) I can hear from you very often. 

Sincerely yours. 





××× 敬上 

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第二十九天:Choosing friends  选择朋友 

A man who is careful in choosing friends will certainly derive benefit from them. Why? Because there are more false friends than real ones in this world. To have one real friends is better than a hundred false ones. Friends who flatter you to your face are not true friends. 

We must make friends with those who have good character and kindness of heart. On the other hand, we should do our best to a void keeping company with bad people. 



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